While the names of the arduinos we used were unnecessarily effeminate, both boys and girls enjoyed sewing LEDs onto things, and sewing in general. I began with a lilypad system, a battery, and conductive thread. Mapping out my threads path from positives to the LEDs and from negatives to LEDs in my head my not have been the best plan. It… Read more →

3D Printing

Though familiar with the sight of the 3D printer, I had never actually witnessed printing or designed anything myself before this project. Beginning with Tinkercad.com, we played around with the interactive 3D modeling, making sure to keep in mind that we were modeling on a three dimensional plane using a two dimensional screen. After perusing the basic shapes, I decided… Read more →

Makey Makey

Our initial thought of a fun way to use the Makey Makey was to get it to control various mouse oriented games and websites, like: http://ducksarethebest.com/ http://frontpage.neocities.org/cursorfollow.html http://koalastothemax.com/ http://eelslap.com/ http://www.playscarymazegame.net/play-scary-maze-game/ We connected each of the mouse functions (move left, move right, move up, move down, click) to a piece of copper tape that we stuck to the desk we were… Read more →

Rube Goldberg

Our first project was to use Lego Wedo to create a piece of a larger class Rube Goldberg machine. We had a hub, a motor, a distance sensor, and an assortment of Legos. We began with the idea that we would make the motor hit a car to move it. Adjusting the height of the tower was a constant struggle… Read more →

First Post

This is my first post for my senior seminar class, ‘Of Your Own Making’. So far I have learned that the maker movement is not confined to 3-D printing, and that I myself have unknowingly participated in this movement. I am in Collegiate’s Honors Art Class, and Art must be made. Food must be made, and though I prepare it… Read more →